From Edinburgh with love

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I’m back in Stockholm after lovely days in Edinburgh at Case Europe Annual Conference. It was lovely days with a lot of inspiration about digital platforms (that need to become a digital culture at the universities, thanks for that Tricia King!) , social media and some crisis communications, for example. We were almost 1,100 delegates that spent three days at the International Conference Centre in Edinburgh and everything was so, so well organised. I enjoyed everything so much. I am so truly happy about the chance to network with some real geniuses in the HE field. Love to just get a sip of your wisdom.

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Another opportunity I really want to thank CASE for is my session about Crosstalks. It was so much fun and I hope I managed to spread some of my love for that project. My audience seemed very curious and asked very relevant questions. I am very proud about the fact that we have reached more than 145 countries and had more than 20,000 watched minutes on YouTube. And thanks for the photos Steven den Boer! :)

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