Hanapee (som för övrigt är en av mina absoluta favoritbloggare och oftast skriver väldigt klokt och tänkvärt) uppmärksammade häromdagen The Everyday Sexism Project. Så oerhört viktigt. Vi måste alla stå upp för allas egen rätt till sin egen kropp och sitt eget liv. Ens handlingar, eller livsöde styrs aldrig av ens kön.

Följ twitterfödet för #shoutback (och projektets egna konto) där människor utsatta för vardagssexism berättar för världen om verkligheten vi alla är en del av.


Hanapee (one of my favourite bloggers, very smart and wise) wrote the other day about The Everyday Sexism Project. That’s so important! We all have to stand up and speak about everybody’s rights to their own body and their own life. Your sex doesn’t make either your actions or life story.

Follow the twitter feed #shoutback (and the projects feed) where people that’s been exposed for everyday sexism tell the world about the reality that we’re all a part of.

“Because of the internet, which is an absolutely amazing thing, and that has allow me to reach all these woman. That’s also an open channel which is constantly used by  people who want to hurt you and make you feel unhappy and make you unsafe. There were people writing messages about how they would kill me very precisely and how I should be raped and what should be done to me, about 200 of them a day. Because I’m moderating, I have to read them all, because I read everything /…/. And then you think you’re fine, and you’re in bed at night and it goes round and round in the head.”

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