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First, I have to say, I am so, so sad about the fact that Nina Åkestam has quit to blog (it is unfortunately only in Swedish). Buhu buhu!

Second, one of her last post was about “16 bullets for equality”. And one of her tips for women is to stop read “woman magazines”. And the funny thing is that I was thinking about that just some days ago.

I always buy a couple of magazines before I board a flight. I don’t always read them then, but I love to buy them at the airport, be on my way and all positive feelings I have about travelling. However, when I was going to Edinburgh last Monday, I strolled around at Gatwick all by my self, looking for a magazine. And I ran into the “woman life style” section, and I just turned around without a doubt and started to look for the “tech-business-politics-and-so-on” section. “Oh, I did not even pay InStyle one glance” was my, a little surprised, though.

I have actually stoped to buy fashion/women’s magazines since like six month ago. The only time I pay them any kind of attention is at the hairdresser. I am kind of into fashion, and I like that. It is fun. But I don’t like the way the magazines, and the companies that have ads in them, depict women. And I have to say, that I think I am a little more comfortable with my self, my body and my self-confidence. I don’t read almost any fashion blogs either anymore, and it is a relief.

Of course I understand that I am good just the way I am. It seems a little ridiculous, but I really think it helps. I don’t want to waist my valuable time with things that don’t make me feel good about my self. Instead I want to read things that makes me smarter, give me new perspectives or challenge my values. And I am not missing Elle, InStyle, Glamour or Cosmopolitan at all.

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