Like I have mentioned earlier, I read lots of blogs. I have been in the blogosphere for almost ten years now and seen how it has developed and how, primarily, teenage girls have become experts in a field they have grown up in and therefore also know very, very well. That’s very inspiring!

But I have also been very tired of the diveristy when it comes to Swedish fashion and lifestyle blogs. It’s hard to have your own style or be different in any way. When I wrote this post, I also cut down the numer of blogs I followed, since I was working with my own self acceptance.

Since then, I have worked active to diverse both my own blog and Facebook feed. It sounds easy, but it takes some work. Remember that you create your own rules for your feed. I have also realized, even more, what the media society we are all part of are doing to us all, and not least young women. The fact that I get photos of and, and input from, “plus sized” and non Swedish women in my feeds every day has changed my reality view. I am currently working to get more input from other cultures as well.

The other day, this article, about minorities in the fashion industry, came in my Facebook feed thanks to GarnerStyle, one of my new favorite bloggers. And I love it! Way to go! Sometimes it is hard to remember, but it is actually possible to make a change. Slowly can an industry we never though would change, take steps to a more modern one.

Do you have tips about good bloggers from Asia or Africa, please share them in the comments :) Sharing is caring!


Lovely Chastity GarnerThamarr Guerrier and Nicolette Mason.


I don’t agree. Do you? Photo by Will Lion.

One of Sweden’s biggest bloggers, Elsa Billgren, has a “link free week”. “It is just a break from the PR blogging and more focus on personal thoughts” is Billgren writing.

“Hurray” was the first that came to my mind. And then I started to think more about how the big blog look like today. This platforms with big trust, that often young women started even younger. They have put countless hours into this to reach out, often with personal, well written texts. Or pretty photos in backlight. And after years, they can sell their space and words. And most of all, links. Think about what your second, that your click takes, is worth.

Digital ambassadors is a good way to go in many projects, is my belief. But I appreciate this initiative. Professional bloggers need more honesty, feelings and credibility. To become a sell out is rarely flattering.

Elsa Billgren har en länkfri vecka. “Det är bara en veckas paus från PR-bloggande och mer fokus på personliga tankar” skriver hon.

“Så himla bra” var min första tanke. Jag började tänka mer på hur vår bloggvärld ser ut. Många av de stora bloggarna drivs av unga kvinnor, som när de startade var ännu yngre, som har lyckats bygga upp en fanskara med stor tillit. De har lagt ner oräkneliga timmar på att nå ut, ofta med personliga, välskrivna texter. Eller vackra motljusbilder. Och efter många år kan de sälja utrymme och ord. Men allra mest, länkar. Tänk hur mycket din sekund är värd, som det tar att klicka på en av alla miljontals länkar vi scrollar runt bland per dag.

Jag tror på att jobba med digitala ambassadörer. Men jag uppskattar det här initiativet. Professionella bloggare behöver mer ärlighet, känslor och trovärdighet. Att vara en sell out är sällan smickrande.